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Mr. Cannon's Story

Mr Cannon reflects on his path dealing with esophageal cancer. He talks about his battles along this journey and how surgery helped him recover.

Mr. Wolcott's Story

Mr Wolcott shares his story being diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome. He describes how his family has been affected by this disease, as well as how he came to choose Dr Jeyarajah to be his surgeon.

Ms. Penny's Story

Ms. Penny discusses her challenges with pancreatic cancer, including her initial diagnosis, choosing to forgo chemotherapy, and her spiritual beliefs while being supported by Dr Jeyarajah and his team.

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1 year after liver resection – Hiked the Grand Canyon basin
It’s interesting how our paths can cross with other people. Some people think it’s just a random coincident or a fluke event. But not me. There was nothing random about August 31, 2016. That was the day God put Dr. Jeyarajah in my life to tell me I had cancer – Stage 3 Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma. But that was also the day I was gifted with a Warrior. He’s more than a doctor. He’s a kind, compassionate and caring soul who has dedicated his life to fighting this war. He stands beside his patients. And sometimes, he stands BEHIND them to catch them when they fall. You won’t find your typical ‘doctor’s office’ when you have your first visit. No, you’ll be met with smiling faces on everyone you encounter. You won’t be ‘herded’ in and ‘herded’ out and made to feel that you’re encroaching on someone else’s appointment time. No, you’ll find a caring ear that listens to your concerns and will help answer any questions you have. I’m beyond grateful for Dr. Jeyarajah and his team and the impact they’ve made on my life. They’re more than a group of medical professionals. They’re a family. They’re my family.
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I have been training hard this summer and was able to complete the “Hotter Than Hell Hundred” (101 mile bicycle ride) Saturday in Wichita Falls. Best I have ever done at that distance.

I’m so blessed that God has given you and all the supporting staff the skills to allow me to get back to such a good level of health. Thanks to all.

Everyday is definitely a gift!

“Dr. Jeyarajah was at the top of a very short list of surgeons recommended to me when I learned in 2012 that I had a malignant duodenal mass. When I met Dr. J, I’ll admit that his description of the Whipple surgery was overwhelming. But he was patient and confident in his explanation of the procedure and the goal (a cure). The surgery was successful and I have now been cancer-free for two years. I can’t say enough about the post-surgical care I have received from the staffs at TSC and Methodist Hospital. Dr. J manages my follow-up, and his responses to my questions and concerns (and occasional paranoia) are always thoughtful, decisive, and reassuring. I am grateful to him and count my blessings every day.”

“Finally, we were sent to consult with Dr. Jeyarajah at Methodist Richardson .I remember thinking, “Why are we being sent so far from our home in Southlake?” Now I know why. It was so ~he~ could receive the best care.”

“Excellent physicians; this was the best experience with a hospital and physicians I’ve ever had. I work in healthcare so that is a real compliment. I live and work 4 hours away.”

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“Thank you for being gentle with me when it was my first time for you to see my insides”

“Dr. Jeyarajah was the absolute best! His associates and staff are great!”

“Dr. Jeyarajah and team were all excellent and informative on the procedure and what to expect.”

“Thanks for all you’ve done – I really appreciate it! You have a great team!”

“Today I am thankful for the staff at Trinity Surgical Consultants in Richardson……….and Dr. Jeyarajah. He got me in for an exam very quickly and admitted me to the hospital immediately for more tests. The next day, he was the one to tell me I had a malignancy…and he set my treatment in motion. All the while he made me feel so cared for and cared about. Now my treatment is over, and I have a very good prognosis. Everyone at TSC was awesome.”

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“I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma in April of 2012. About 200 people worldwide are diagnosed with it annually. Because of the rarity of the cancer there is very little information on how to best treat it. I was referred to Dr. Jeyarajah. There were many reasons why I was being referred to him at the time of diagnosis and after meeting him for the first time until now I know why. He let me know that it was okay to receive other opinions from other Drs. but it never crossed my mind because I honestly never felt the need. He consulted Drs. from all around the world looking at all options as to how to best treat this cancer. Humble. He has been nothing short of the biggest blessing in my life excluding my wife and kids ( I’ll get in trouble if I don’t say that) Jk. He will never admit that he saved my life due to his humility but I will always feel he did. I am 29 years old and now have the rest of my life to look forward to with my lovely family because of his professional, talented and humble work ethic. He was the answer to so many prayers. He performed my risky liver resection to remove the tumor and has been able lift my spirits with ease through this difficult road. I always receive the proper treatment when needed. I just found out two days ago that one of my co-workers has an uncle that sees him as well and feels the same way. If you are reading this, pray about it as I did and listen to your heart it will not lead you astray. I know this is still a long and difficult road but I am comforted knowing that I have Dr. Jeyarajah by my families side.”

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“Our experience with the staff of Trinity Surgical Consultants and Methodist Richardson Medical Center went far beyond what we might have expected. We are in our late 60’s and so this was not our first rodeo (hospital experience).

When we first found out that ~he~ had to have surgery for possible stomach cancer, our first goal was to have the best. Our local doctor referred us to Dr. Jeyarajah. Our doctor told us that if it were one of his family members facing what ~he~ was facing, Dr. Jeyarajah is the only doctor he would take his family too. Our first visit with Dr. Jeyarajah was an answer to prayers, we were treated with respect and all our questions were answered with great care and compassion. After checking online, we now know why Dr. Jeyarajah keeps getting the “ Most Compassionate Doctor” award. The office staff was compassionate and caring as well. The surgery went well and the recovery in the hospital was another amazing dream come true. All the staff, from the head nurse on down were caring not only to ~him~ but to me (his wife) as well. The hospital staff were there 1st for the patient , but treated family members like guest at an elegant hotel. Now it was definitely not a hotel, but the respect that everyone showed us and each other was unbelievable. It did not matter who’s patient you were, all the nurses and staff helped one another and were there to answer any and all question, or find someone who could. I hope we never have a scare like that again. But we have thanked God for putting ~him~ in Dr. Jeyarajah’s experienced and compassionate hands. Dr. Jeyarajah is very passionate about his surgery and his follow up. We saw him every day in the hospital.

God Bless Dr. Jeyarajah , his staff at Trinity Surgical and all the nurses and staff at Methodist Richardson Medical Center.”